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I’ll never forget my grandparents’ old house. It became my second home as a child, while cooking with my grandmother, exploring with my cousin, and playing the piano for my grandpa. Inside the stucco and green-tiled roof, were tall ceilings and even taller staircases. The kitchen had a black and white checkered floor and the cluttered basement was filled with objects and detritus from the past 50 years. The house was torn down several years ago and now that home lives in my memory. The spaces we inhabit become part of us.

We leave our imprint on them and our memories reside within them. Homes, buildings and spaces represent important parts of our lives, relics of our families, experiences and memories. As an artist, I attempt to capture the inherent personality of these places in intricate ink and watercolor—creating a intimate portrait of a home. Whether saying goodbye to a longtime home, celebrating a new residence or recollecting a childhood memory, I hope to give my clients unique and intriguing representations of the most significant spaces in their lives.

Each drawing caters to the individual needs of the client, and pricing is based on detail and complexity of the illustration, starting at $250. Whether an apartment building, Victorian house or modern villa, each home portrait represents a place that is special to you. 



“I recently needed to purchase a gift for my newlywed friend.  Rather than go with one of the gifts on her registry, I went with a home portrait of her and her husband’s new house.  She was absolutely floored by the detail and the warmth of the piece and hung it up where all her guests can see it.” – Dan A.


“I received my house portrait as a gift and it is now proudly hanging in my office. Addie captured the true personality of our home and it reminds me of the all of the great memories we have had there in the past and will have in the future.” – Lou P.

“Addie is a talented artist and a joy to work with in terms of planning for details to include. Since the drawing was a surprise for my husband, she was great about coming to our home to take pictures while he was away from the house. Her translation of the great photos she took resulted in a wonderful perfect drawing with extra charm that a photo may not convey. Her addition of touches of watercolor also added to the total effect. We love it! Should we move in the future, we will always have a beautiful reminder of the home we so enjoy!” – Judy


About Addie

Addie Price is a painter, illustrator, printmaker, art historian and educator. Born in 1988 in Chicago, she received her BFA in painting from New York University in 2010 and her MA in art education in 2011. She has exhibited work in Brooklyn, New York City and Chicago, most recently participating in the Em.body.peace Exhibition, raising money for CeaseFire Illinois and Center for Domestic Peace.

Her work ranges from large-scale oil paintings to intimate etchings, focusing on the nuances of the human body, the malleability of memories and the importance of people and places in our everyday lives. Her work presents intimate moments, inspired by her family and past, film, dreams, fears and the natural world. Addie has studied in Florence, Italy, and worked closely with artists, namely sculptor Alessandra Exposito on her solo shows at Mixed Greens Gallery in New York. Addie moved back to Chicago in 2011 to teach honors high school art courses and Advanced Placement Art History at Walter Payton College Prep High School. Currently, she is living, teaching and working in Chicago.


Please feel free to contact me with any questions or project inquiries.